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3 Count: Welcome to the AudioJungle

MPAA drops its injunction request vs MovieTube, 2 Danish men plead guilty operating Popcorn Time info sites and AudioJungle gets unexpected promotion.

3 Count: Down Periscope

Facebook, Google and others challenge MPAA injunction on Movietube, Periscope reveals its copyright data and ad supported piracy takes a hit in the UK.

Flickr Adds Photo Embeds, Attribution to Images

Flickr adds the ability to embed images but is it a feature you should leave on and how will it impact the photographers who use it?

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 309 – Hot Settlement

MPAA and Hotfile settle, French court orders search engines to delist sites and postal service sued over statue of liberty stamp.

3 Count: French Disappearance

Paris Court orders search engines to remove 16 pirate sites, Spike Lee in a tussle over posters for Oldboy and FilesTube hits 10 million Google DMCA notices.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 302 – Shutting Down

Raging Bull case heads to the Supreme Court, Prenda Law takes another twist and much, much more!

3 Count: Hot, Hot News

Yahoo settles with Singapore Press Holdings, TVEyes responds to Fox News suit and Microsoft ditches LeakID after more faulty DMCA notices.

Advertising Networks Agree to New DMCA-Like Protocol

Advertising networks agree to start accepting DMCA-like notices for infringing sites, but will it make any difference?

Copyright Implications of Yahoo Buying Tumblr

With news that Yahoo! is buying Tumblr, we have to stop a second and see how this will affect content creators, both off and on Tumblr.

3 Count: New Zealand First

New Zealand Copyright Tribunal convicts its first alleged file sharer, Arbitron sues over media ratings and more companies join Google in fighting German legislation.