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Facebook Instant Articles: Instant Frustration

Facebook made its Instant Articles tool available to all publishers this week, but my attempts to implement have been, well, less than successful.

BlogAvenger: Does Your Blog Content Need an Avenger?

BlogAvenger promises to monitor and help protect your blog's content. But does it work and is it worth the price?

Foter: Open Licensed Photos for WordPress

Foter is another service that makes it easy to insert Creative Commons-licensed images into your site, but does it work and what makes it special?

iCopyright Article Tools for WordPress

iCopyright is aiming to make it easier than ever to share and license your content, but do you want to add it to your site?

Watermark Reloaded: Easy WordPress Watermarking

Watermarks Reloaded aims to add image watermarking to your WordPress site, but is it worthwhile?

Flickr/Creative Common Attribution Bookmarklet

Looking for an easy way to use Creative Commons photos on your site? A new bookmarklet may be able to help.

PhotoDropper: Creative Commons Made Easy

One of the greatest challenges in using Creative Commons works is giving a proper attribution in the correct format. However, a new WordPress plugin handles that and also helps you format the images for you blog and locate the right photo.