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Video: Who is Merlin CDLTD?

Much of YouTube has been venting frustration at a group named Merlin CDLTD that's been making copyright claims on videos. But who are they?

3 Count: Not PayPals

PayPal cuts ties with a VPN provider, record labels promise to share Spotify windfall with artists and Google Chrome to block fake download sites.

3 Count: Aurous Fixation

Aurous sued by record labels within days of going online, TPP copyright portions are leaked and Jay Z to testify today in Big Pimpin' lawsuit.

3 Count: VKontakted

Record labels have first court date in VKontakte dispute, Apple approves first BitTorrent app in App Store and Twitch offers improvements on muting system.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 334 – Sounding Cloudy

Fox loses bid to apply Aereo ruling to Dish, SoundCloud strikes deal with record labels and Seth MacFarlane is sued over Ted.

3 Count: Private Canadians

Canada privacy legislation could make copyright lawsuits easier, Warner wins lawsuit over The Matrix and VKontakte agrees to block infringing uploads.

3 Count: Dragon’s Bite

Sweetpea tries again to end D&D case, Swedish file sharer hit with massive damage award and AT&T patents anti-piracy system.

3 Count: It’s Spreading

Aereo sued in Utah while the New York court takes a look at its patents and Warner/Chappell speaks out in Happy Birthday lawsuit.

Breaking Down the Happy Birthday Lawsuit

The recent lawsuit over 'Happy Birthday to You' has given many hope that the song will soon be set free. But what makes this lawsuit special?

3 Count: Unhappy Birthday

Class action lawsuit seeks to free Happy Birthday, BMI plans to sue Pandora over licensing and court rules Paramount owns La Dolce Vita