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Explaining the Oracle v. Google Case

The Oracle v. Google case is still ongoing, but here's a quick rundown of how the case came about, what the ruling was and why it's important.

Update on the Matthew Santoro Plagiarism Scandal

The Matthew Santoro plagiarism scandal keeps getting deeper as Santoro has been making things worse for himself with false attribution and no apologies.

3 Count: Leto’s Lawsuit

Jared Leto sues TMZ over leaked video, Elvis Presley estate battles over Germany royalties and Disney DMCAs photograph of purchased action figure.

3 Count: Cracked Backs

FilmOn ruling unsealed, appeals court rules you can't copyright a chiropractic procedure and Kim Dotcom gets access to more funds.

3 Count: Goooo COPYRIGHT!

Ashley Madison uses DMCA to slow spread of hacked data, 6th Circuit revives lawsuit over cheerleading uniforms and CBC/CNN pick wrong man to lift from.

3 Count: Pretty Please

RIAA asks BitTorrent Inc for help fighting piracy, Russia mulls new text-oriented anti-piracy law and Hank Green talks Facebook video freebooting.

3 Count: The Empty House

Sherlock Holmes comes out of retirement for another lawsuit, Nina Simone tracks core of a lawsuit against Sony and architect does battle with YouTuber.

3 Count: Gator Bait

Florida signs True Origin of Digital Goods Act into law, Supergirl pilot leaks on to file sharing sites a month early and Spotify moves into video.

3 Count: Snapped Streak

BMI wins royalty judgment over Pandora, reborn Grooveshark loses its domain and Konami-critical video restored on YouTube.

How Facebook Encourages Video Piracy

Countless companies have been taking YouTube videos and reuploading them to their Facebook pages without attribution or permission.