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3 Count: Hungarian Rock

Kanye West sued for alleged infringement by Hungarian musician, Australian authors express concern over proposals and Hi Score Girl to go back on sale.

3 Count: The Streaming Bay

The Pirate Bay launches new video streaming service, MTN accused of selling music without a license and video game cracking group to take a one year hiatus.

3 Count: Primal Rage

Serbian photojournalists protest new legal interpretation, 'uncrackable' DRM coming to more games and new database targets Netflix geoblocking.

3 Count: All Your Base

DOJ looks to modify ASCAP/BMI consent decrees, ESA protests DRM breaking to preserve video games and Swedish leaker in court.

3 Count: Teapot Temptest

Attorneys for the Gaye estate seek to expand Blurred Lines verdict, TxK developer at war with Atari and Windows 10 to be free for pirates.

3 Count: Virtual Private Nope

Netflix pressured to block VPN access, Expendables 3 producers go after file sharers and King settles copyright lawsuit with 6waves.

3 Count: Fair Trust

HaithiTrust wins key appeal against Authors Guild, Warner Brothers and HarperCollins fight dirty over Hobbit rights and Carly Rae Jepsen wins Good Time suit.

The Saga Over Candy Crush Saga

Game maker King.com has been drawing fire over their trademark practices, but will their actions hurt their bottom line in or out of court?

9 Questions and Answers Regarding YouTube and Content ID

YouTube's recent policy changes have generated a lot of uncertainty and a lot of misinformation. Here's my attempt to clear some of that up.

3 Count: Streaming Troubles

YouTube files hundreds of ContentID claims on game-related channels, Redtube users hit with legal threats and Beastie Boys hit back against GoldieBlox.