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3 Count: Batman v Superman v Piracy

Warner Brothers pushes back release of Batman v Superman in parts of Russia BPI asks for tougher takedown rules and France's largest Usenet provider raided.

3 Count: Perfect 0-10

Perfect 10 loses in court to Giganews, Australia to consider tough new copyright legislation and Rightscorp busts more pirates, loses more money.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 321 – MP3Tuned

Former MP3Tunes head ordered to pay $41 million, Frozen trailer draws lawsuit and UK legalizes CD ripping plus much, much more!

3 Count: Righthaven Appeal

Movie studios denied Newzbin2 profits, Canadian Zip codes made open but lawsuit continues and Righthaven has its appeal heard.

3 Count: Making Peace

Google and Belgian newspapers make peace, NZBMatrix shuts down after a mammoth DMCA notice and who are the people behind spam photos?

What is Spam in 2013?

With ten years since the CANSPAM act, we need to reevalue what the word spam means and how it's changed in the past decade.

5 Ways Piracy is Changing

Piracy is in a constant state of evolution, but the recent closure of Megaupload is speeding up the process. Here's 5 changes to watch.

3 Count: Google Divorce

Google threatens to leave the Chamber of Commerce, Europe's largest Usenet provider closes and Righthaven loses... again.

3 Count: Google’s Wars

The latest news on Google's involvement in the ISOHunt case, its battle with Oracle and an update on Usenet sites in the Netherlands.

3 Count: Nine Words

The latest news on 50 Cent being sued, an attempt to block Newzbin2 in the UK and 9 very sad words from the Supreme Court.