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3 Count: Waiting for Extradition

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing wraps up, other Megaupload employee released from prison and The Pirate Bay not to be blocked in Sweden.

Which Country Has the Longest Copyright Term?

The Happy Birthday ruling has put a focus on copyright terms, but The U.S. doesn't have the longest copyright term in the world. So who does?

3 Count: Bulk Unlocking

U.S. House passes bill making cell phone unlocking legal, new legislation seeks to change how songwriter royalties are determined and six strikes turns one.

Sovereign Immunity and Copyright Law

When it comes to copyright, if your work is infringed by a U.S. state or agency, you might find it impossible to actually sue them and collect damages.

3 Count: Algernon’s Flowers

Copyright holders speak before the House Judiciary Committee, UK porn filters may also filter file sharing sites and copyright glitch cancels high school play.

3 Count: Antiguan Dream

Antigua threatens to become a copyright haven, Ray Charles' children win their case against their father's foundation and Lebanon aims to get serious on copyright.

3 Count: Pot and Kettle

Time Warner Cable accuses Netflix of discrimination, Canada denies US total acces to Megaupload servers and Japan's new law sees no arrests.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 261 – Indieconf Ahoy!

AutoHop lives to hop another day, Google declines to takedown controversial YouTube video and UK orphan works bill draws US ire.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 258 – Diigo Down

With Diigo down, we had to improvise a bit this episode but still got to cover the latest on New Zealand three strikes and more!

3 Count: Mega Return

Megaupload plans its return with a new raid proof set up, six strikes set to start up soon in the U.S. and first three strikes case in New Zealand dropped.