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3 Count: Pokemon Stop

Universal Music reaches settlement over in-flight music, Indian court orders YouTube expedite its removal process and Nintendo shutters another fan game.

3 Count: Megaupload Denied

Appeals Court rules against Kim Dotcom over seized assets, Dancing Baby case may head to Supreme Court and Sonic comic artist wants royalties.

3 Count: HBO No

Ninth Circuit rules sharing passwords may be a crime, artists groups ask European Commission to target online companies and B.B. King estate sued by photog.

3 Count: In-Flight Entertainment

Universal Music wins big in case over in-flight music, UK moves to increase criminal punishment for infringement and Prince's death a loss for copyright.

3 Count: Songwriter Settlement

Spotify and the NMPA reach a settlement over mechanical royalties, 9th Circuit declines to rehear dancing baby case and EU court rules on public wifi piracy.

The Great Crossword Plagiarism Scandal

Timothy Parker, crossword puzzle editor for USA Today and Universal UClick, has stepped aside following a plagiarism scandal involving his work.

Video: Who is Merlin CDLTD?

Much of YouTube has been venting frustration at a group named Merlin CDLTD that's been making copyright claims on videos. But who are they?

3 Count: Settlers of Class Action

Rightscorp settles class action lawsuit over robocalls, Singapore newspaper settles lawsuit with infringing site and SoundCloud signs deal with UMG.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 373 – Sea Shanties and Shaking

MPAA takes down Popcorn Time and YIFY, Taylor Swift beats a lawsuit against her, Aurous forced to continue fighting and we discuss sea shanties.

3 Count: Aurous Fixation

Aurous sued by record labels within days of going online, TPP copyright portions are leaked and Jay Z to testify today in Big Pimpin' lawsuit.