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Understanding Capitol Records v. Vimeo

What happens with the DMCA collides with pre-1972 sound recordings? A huge copyright mess and a ruling that could impact countless websites.

3 Count: Trans-Pacific Pens

Trans-Pacific Partnership is signed, Led Zeppelin suffers setback in Stairway to Heaven lawsuit and Hasbro sued over My Little Pony font.

3 Count: TPP Debut

The full text of the TPP is released, researchers unimpressed with Google's anti-piracy efforts and Warner Brother hints at delaying shows on Netflix.

Which Country Has the Longest Copyright Term?

The Happy Birthday ruling has put a focus on copyright terms, but The U.S. doesn't have the longest copyright term in the world. So who does?

3 Count: Met Ball Blues

New TPP draft and discussion papers leak, street artist sues over dress worn by Katy Perry and The Hotplate can stay on air in Australia.

The Copyright Story of History’s Most Hated Book

Mein Kampf is history's most infamous book but, as its copyright history winds to a close, we look back to see how the law handled this infamous work.

3 Count: Street Settlement

Street artist settles his despite with American Eagle Outfitters, Filestube goes legitimate and Kim Dotcom to bring his politics to the U.S.

Sovereign Immunity and Copyright Law

When it comes to copyright, if your work is infringed by a U.S. state or agency, you might find it impossible to actually sue them and collect damages.

3 Count: Trans-Pacific Problems

Japan joins TPP negotiations, New Zealand holds off on copyright review due to those talks and Perfect 10 loses again.

Understanding Statutory Damages

Eye-popping statutory damages have caused controversy in several cases, but what are statutory damages and why are they part of copyright?