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3 Count: Great Tweet

MPAA wants copies of Megaupload's servers, Justin Bieber's team misses expert witness deadline and Donald Trump fan video removed on copyright grounds.

3 Count: Not Hustlin’

Rick Ross' copyright registrations questioned in Hustlin' lawsuit, Richard Prince hits back in Instagram case and Kanye West is Kanye West.

The Dangers of Automated Abuse/DMCA Policies

Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr have shown what can happen you put your copyright and abuse policies on autopilot goes very wrong. The answer is users suffer.

3 Count: Tale of Two Artists

Artist loses lawsuit over Starbucks campaign, artist lawsuit against Moschino over gala dress moves ahead and Twitter sued again over DMCA compliance.

The Rise of Plagiarism Spam

Spam on this site has taken a strange turn, its become about plagiarism checkers. Here's why that's dangerous and what to do about it.

3 Count: A Copyright Scam

Scammers bilk nearly $750,000 from Sony Music in undeserved royalties, Shakira lawsuit may continue and The Fat Jew sees his book pirated on Twitter.

3 Count: Hot Yoga, Hot Ruling

Appeals Court rules yoga poses can't be copyrighted, another rules on Christmas song termination case and DeadSpin's Twitter account suspended.

3 Count: Welcome to the AudioJungle

MPAA drops its injunction request vs MovieTube, 2 Danish men plead guilty operating Popcorn Time info sites and AudioJungle gets unexpected promotion.

Plagiarized Jokes are No Laughing Matter – WriteCheck Blog Post

While it's easy to make fun of stolen jokes, they are no laughing matter, especially as joke culture clashes with the business of humor.

3 Count: Down Periscope

Facebook, Google and others challenge MPAA injunction on Movietube, Periscope reveals its copyright data and ad supported piracy takes a hit in the UK.