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3 Count: Girls and Boys

Photographer wins $1.2 million lawsuit against AFP and Getty, Beastie Boys have a spat with GoldieBlox over viral video and more!

The TwitPic Terms of Service Debacle

As TwitPic works to repair the damage caused be a recent change to their TOS, a bigger problem is emerging with the way we license our work.

3 Count: Legislation Beta

The latest on the PROTECT IP bill in the U.S., Music Beta is launched and TwitPic apologizes for copyright confusion.

3 Count: Twit This

The latest on the AFP "Twitter" lawsuit, the porn industry targeting more file sharers and Public Domain Day.

Seeing Both Sides of the Twitpic/Posterous Controversy

When TwitPic decided to block Posterous' importing tool, it kicked off a firestorm of controversy. But, as with most things, there are two sides to explore.