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3 Count: Third Appeal

Oracle asks for yet another third trial in case vs. Google, lawyers in Happy Birthday lawsuit get $4.62 million in fees and more!

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: Cheers

One fateful day in 1986, plagiarism came to Cheers as Diane accuses Sam of plagiarizing a poem he published, setting up a unique story around the subject.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture – Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Part...

Detective Goren batted multiple plagiarists in his time on TV, however, this was with a plagiarist based on Jayson Blair, the famous NY Times plagiarist.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture – Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Part...

Law & Order is one of the best-known police procedurals, but what happens when their Criminal Intent series tackles a plagiarist?

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin may not seem like a show for a discussion about plagiarism, but when Jane feels that her work has been plagiarized, it gives us just that.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: The Waltons

The Waltons was never a show to shy away from difficult topics, so when it tackled the issue of plagiarism, it did so with both complexity and humanity.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: Leave it to Beaver

20 years before Facts of Life, Leave it to Beaver tackled plagiarism with a similar story that had some very different results.

7-in-7: Foxy Settlement

Fox News settles lawsuit over 9/11 photograph, FilmON sanctions upheld and both Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am face a lawsuit over Damn Girl.

3 Count: Set Top Blues

FCC opens the door to third-party set to boxes for pay TV, Kanye West may target The Pirate Bay and Harper Lee dies at 89.

3 Count: Getting Meta

FilmOn loses key appeals court decision, MetArt wants sanctions against tube sites and Marc Randazza files a controversial DMCA notice.