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Turnitin Revamps, Renames its Core Product

Turnitin has relaunched its core product and rebranded it as Turnitin Feedback Studio. What does this mean for Turnitin users and the industry as a whole?

Understanding the Turnitin/Wikipedia Collaboration

Turnitin recently announced a partnership with Wikipedia to help fight copyright violations on the site, here's now their collaboration is working.

10 Years of PT: 2013 – Small Battles, Small Wars

Where 2012 was a year of epic struggles, 2013 was a year of frequently but small skirmishes, both in front of and behind the scenes.

Plagiarism Today Sponsors Plagiarism Education Week

Turnitin is holding its annual Plagiarism Education Week series of webcasts and, just as last year, Plagiarism Today is a proud sponsor.

New Turnitin Study on the Impact of Plagiarism Detection in Higher...

Turnitin has released a follow up to its study on plagiarism detection in high schools, the results are remarkable both in impact and similarity.

5 Reasons Plagiarism Detection is So Difficult

With so many companies trying to develop their own plagiarism detection tools, here's why it's no easy feat and why it's so easy to create a bad product.

Turnitin Studies Impact of Plagiarism Detection Software in High Schools

Turnitin has released a new study that shows the effects of using plagiarism detection software in high schools across the country.

PlagiarismDetect: Solid Detection at a High Price

PlagairismDetect claims to have a superior plagiarism detection service, but is it worth the price?

Why the UK is Winning the War on Academic Plagiarism

According to Turnitin, the UK has seen an amazing 60% drop in the amount of plagiarism detected. Here's why and how to replicate it elsewhere.

PT Sponsors Plagiarism Education Week

PT is one of three sponsors of Plagiarism Education Week, organized by Turnitin to help teachers communicate to their students why originality matters.