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The Dangers of Automated Abuse/DMCA Policies

Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr have shown what can happen you put your copyright and abuse policies on autopilot goes very wrong. The answer is users suffer.

3 Count: Tumblr Dry

Tumblr now proactively blocking unlicensed music uploads, iiNet attacks expert witness and Game of Thrones trailer pulled from YouTube.

3 Count: Dumberer-er

Richard Prince in a new copyright dispute, Dumb and Dumber To the subject of massive lawsuits and Tumblr sees wave of copyright takedowns over music.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 337 – Monkey Business

Expendables 3 Leaks Online Early, Monkey Photographer Starts Copyright Row and Lawsuit Over Frozen Trailer Moves Forward.

3 Count: Monkey Selfie

Lionsgate wins restraining order over Expendables 3 leak, comic book artist uses DMCA to target critic and monkey selfie center of Wikipedia legal dispute.

3 Count: Troubled Curves

The Trouble with Curves sparks copyright lawsuit over its script, video of baby in the bath becomes a copyright battle and more!

3 Count: Brewing Storm

Mississippi Attorney General said to be moving against Google over copyright, City of London Police get BitTorrent domains revoked and more!

Tumblr Causes Millions of Adult Blogs to Vanish

A recent policy change by Tumblr caused over 12 million adult blogs to disappear from search engines. It's a hard lesson, but an important one too.

Copyright Implications of Yahoo Buying Tumblr

With news that Yahoo! is buying Tumblr, we have to stop a second and see how this will affect content creators, both off and on Tumblr.

3 Count: Hopped Over

Fox reups attack against Dish's Hopper, The Pirate Bay gets new hosting providers and Calvin and Hobbes mashup site shuttered over copyright dispute.