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3 Count: Spoiler Alert

Expert witness can stay in Stairway to Heaven case, Prenda Law loses appeal and must pay sanctions and spoiler group hit with copyright cease and desist.

3 Count: Snap This…

Kim Dotcom appeals the seizure of his assets, UK minister says sharing Snapchats is an infringement and adult DVD forum sued for copyright infringement.

3 Count: I Know Infringements

Taylor Swift battles with artist, Hong Kong copyright legislation hits a speed bump and Dallas Buyers Club case faces dismissal in Australia.

3 Count: Unsettled Hopper

The Fox/Dish case over the Hopper DVR is unsettled, second grader earns right to sue over tshirt design and copyright troll heads to the UK.

3 Count: Survivor Suit

Popcorn Time users sued in Portland, Dallas Buyers Club decides to regroup, not appeal, in Australian and EMI offers sampling amnesty.

3 Count: Bad Day Prenda

Man pleaded guilty to operating RockDizMusic and Prenda Law has had a very, very rough week.

3 Count: FoodPorn Problems

Dallas Buyers Club LLC suffers setback in Australia piracy case, "Food Porn" in legal uncertain in Germany and Android developer trolls pirates.

3 Count: FilmOn Again

FilmOn gets a surprise win in its TV streaming case, Oracle reduces the damages its seeking and Sky customers get piracy settlement letters.

3 Count: I’m in Space…

Court tosses injunction against copyright troll critic, media companies demand NZ ISPs drop VPN service and Flickr launches Public Domain license.

3 Count: Dumberer-er

Richard Prince in a new copyright dispute, Dumb and Dumber To the subject of massive lawsuits and Tumblr sees wave of copyright takedowns over music.