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3 Count: Refin’s Tune-a

Redfin wins case against real estate photographer, Belarus photographer loses case against state media and Google updates its transparency report.

3 Count: Down Periscope

Facebook, Google and others challenge MPAA injunction on Movietube, Periscope reveals its copyright data and ad supported piracy takes a hit in the UK.

3 Count: Proxy War

Proxy service launches transparency report, Icelandic copyright group threatens local ISP over proxy service and Harry Potter class draws C&D.

3 Count: Got Back

Jonathan Coulton angered over Glee cover, Mega passes first DMCA test and Twitter posts new transparency report.

An Open Letter to Online Service Providers

If you run a web host, social networking site, community or other site that accepts user submissions, here is what I (and others) want from you.

3 Count: ISP Turnabout

Jammie Thomas-Rasset appeals to the Supreme Court, Verizon turns the tables on copyright trolls and Google updates its transparency report.

3 Count: Triumphant Return

Twitter updates its copyright policy to improve transparency, Superman heads to the appeals court and Google still ranks pirate sites well.

3 Count: Transparent Twitter

O'Dwyer loses one hope to avoid extradition in TV Shack case, New Zealand hires new attorney to battle Kim Dotcom and Twitter gets transparent.