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Explaining the Chaos on YouTube

YouTube has been awash in controversy as The Fine Brothers overreach on their trademark and YouTube suspends seemingly innocent accounts. What is going on?

HAuNTcon 2016 – Copyright and Trademark for Haunters

I was given the chance to talk to the haunted attraction community about copyright and trademark issues at HAuNTcon, here's the full talk...

3 Count: Grumpy Lawsuit

RIAA secures $17 million judgment against Grooveshark clone, Jeff Koons again sued for copyright infringement and Grumpy Cat is grumpy.

3 Count: Non-Silence Remixed

Court grants injunction and damages against MovieTube, ICE shutters 37,000 IP infringing sites and SoundCloud did NOT remove silence.

3 Count: All Apologies

Survivor member sues Mike Huckabee over Eye of the Tiger, Australia site blocking gets a test and Autodesk gets apology as part of a settlement.

When Typefaces and Fonts Meet Piracy and Plagiarism

Most people don't give a second thought to typefaces and fonts, but those who create them are in a unique copyright and plagiarism situation.

3 Count: Tongue Kissed

Raanan Katz loses bid to block photo of himself, Ben Carson's goes after CafePress over fake merch and MPA reports 500 site blocking incidents in EU.

3 Count: Miss(ing) Cleo

T-Mobile declines to block The Pirate Bay in Austria, The Game sued over cover art and Miss Cleo is back and at the center of a copyright lawsuit.

Ashley Madison and the Future of Intangible Property

The Ashley Madison hack has the tech world buzzing when it comes to intellectual and intangible property, it paints a grim future for the Internet.

3 Count: All Rap Edition

In this all-rap edition of the 3 Count, Snoop Dogg sued over unauthorized sequel, Jay-Z and Timbaland to testify in sampling case and Rick Ross wants photog lawsuit tossed.