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3 Count: Beaming Away

CBS and Paramount may soon drop Axanar lawsuit, Australia shelves three strikes for the time being and Disney is heading to Netflix.

3 Count: Statutory Decision

Swedish Supreme Court rules against Wikimedia over statue photos, U.S. Supreme Court delays decision in book search case and more!

3 Count: Grooveshark Soup

Grooveshark suffers another legal defeat, Irish ISP is ordered to implement graduated response and another publisher/Amazon battle looms.

3 Count: Three Strikes

Australian ISPs and content creators propose a new three strikes system, Playboy needs to answer questions in Ireland and ITC responds to critics.

3 Count: No Bonus Round

Student accused of trying to pirate film with 3D camera found not guilty, IRMA wants graduated response in Ireland and judge denies Aereo bonuses.

3 Count: Legit Grooveshark?

Judgment in Beastie Boys/Monster Energy case stands, Australia weighs softer copyright legislation and Grooveshark to release legitimate music streaming app.

3 Count: Public Domain Cats

Aereo makes its case as to stay alive, Aussie ISPs say they're willing to punish pirates and block sites, millions of public domain photos now on Flickr.

3 Count: Sugar Man

VP Joe Biden talks about TPP, Australia considering new anti-piracy measures and sugar man lawsuit seeks back royalties.

3 Count: Clamp Down Under

Australia looks to implement three strikes system, New Orleans auto shop owner charged with DMCA violations and photog gets nasty letter from infringer.

3 Count: Dead Lawsuit Walking

Lil Kim sued by makeup artist over single cover, UK Premier League sues pubs for illegal broadcasts and study claims three strikes systems ineffective.