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3 Count: Kraftwerk It

Kraftwerk loses their sampling lawsuit in Germany, Justin Bieber and Skrillex respond to their case and YouTube targets download sites.

3 Count: Mega Postponed

One Media wins large music licensing award, Megaupload civil proceedings delayed and John Oliver takes aim at Facebook privacy/copyright notices.

3 Count: VK not OK

Prosecutors accuse Kim Dotcom of paying millions to pirates, VKontakte must do better piracy enforcement and Facebook's copyright meme back again.

Does Facebook Really Own Your Photos?

A Facebook rep recently told a user that they owned all photos uploaded to it. While the statement is false, the fact it was said is a problem.

When Forums Break Their Users’ Trust…

Homesteading Today recently found itself at the heart of a copyright and plagiarism controversy, one that's a warning for all user-generated sites.

Why Posting a Legal Notice on Your Facebook Changes Nothing

The re-emergence of the Facebook privacy post hoax makes this an opportunity to talk about contract law and why you can't change the TOS.

Viper Plagiarism Checker: Posting Your Essays on Essay Mills

The Viper plagiarism checker has a hidden surprise in its TOS, one that could land your submission on an essay mill website.

An Open Letter to Online Service Providers

If you run a web host, social networking site, community or other site that accepts user submissions, here is what I (and others) want from you.

The Real Fail Behind Instagram’s TOS

Instagram's new TOS has been the subject of a lot of controversy, but is it as bad as it seems and is it really the problem?

TOS Wars: Google Drive and Ancestry.com

The recent controversies over the Google Drive and ancestry.com TOSes are just the tip of a very bad problem that isn't going away.