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3 Count: Statutory Decision

Swedish Supreme Court rules against Wikimedia over statue photos, U.S. Supreme Court delays decision in book search case and more!

3 Count: Blurred Fees

Gaye estate wants millions in legal fees in Blurred Lines case, Pirate Bay case dropped in Sweden and Pandora tries not to repeat Spotify's mistake.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 375 – Judgments and Collections

YouTube offers to help fight false takedown notices, Cox may be on the hook for piracy and Kim Dotcom's extradition hearing wraps up.

3 Count: Waiting for Extradition

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing wraps up, other Megaupload employee released from prison and The Pirate Bay not to be blocked in Sweden.

3 Count: 8 Years

FBI has taken an interest in Prenda Law, TPP softens on safe harbor provisions and the dancing baby case is still ongoing.

3 Count: Red Card

Popular sports streaming sites blocked in the UK, Jumpman case gets a day in court and last Pirate Bay co-founder finishes his sentence.

3 Count: En Banc Reversal

9th Circuit reverses Innocence of Muslims ruling, Swedish court orders seizure of Pirate Bay domains and Happy Birthday lawsuit grinds forward.

3 Count: All Your Base

DOJ looks to modify ASCAP/BMI consent decrees, ESA protests DRM breaking to preserve video games and Swedish leaker in court.

3 Count: Jay-Z Redux

Jay Z settles a sampling dispute and buy a music streaming service on almost the same day while James Cameron sued again over Avatar.

The Copyright Story of History’s Most Hated Book

Mein Kampf is history's most infamous book but, as its copyright history winds to a close, we look back to see how the law handled this infamous work.