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7 in 7: Superman Super-Done!

Superman to stay with Warner Brothers and DC Comics, Fox and Dish settle their tiff over Autohop and five other big copyright stories for the week.

3 Count: Bag of Donuts

9th Circuit upholds Warner/DC Superman rights, MPAA strikes deal to remove pirate domains and IIPA and others petition USTR on piracy.

3 Count: Super Ending

Supreme Court declines to hear Superman case, Teller of Penn & Teller wins damages for stolen illusion and Russia looks to pass tough copyright laws.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 332 – Aereo’s Aftermath

Aereo pauses following Supreme Court ruling, FilmOn, Dish Network and Fox all argue about what it means and much, much more!

3 Count: Glassed Out

Jack Kirby estate appeals to the Supreme Court, Argentina moves to block The Pirate Bay and Google Glass banned from UK theaters.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 315 – Bazaar Lawsuit

It's a lawsuit-crazy week as Tarantino sues Gawker, Playboy sues Harper's Bazaar, book publishers sue Hotfile, a movie studio sues Fileserve and more!

3 Count: Arguing Bull

Raging Bull case gets heard in the Supreme Court, Superman copyright termination case may have had its last appeal and Elf-Man has four cases dismissed.

3 Count: Final Battle

Warner Brothers wins likely final round in Superman case, gospel group sues rappers over sampling and Spain arrests first album leaker.

3 Copyright Lawsuits That Aren’t Dead Yet

Litigation rarely has a neat ending, even if the media likes to pretend it does. Here are three supposedly-dead lawsuits that live on...

3 Count: IsoHunted

IsoHunt loses its appeal and must maintain filters, Emma Thompson wins a lawsuit over her screenplay 'Effie" and judge reaffirms Warner owns Superman.