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3 Count: Seated Jury

Google and Oracle pick jury for upcoming trial, UK announces IP plans for the next four years and elevator music becomes a hot commodity.

3 Count: Remaster, Recopyright

CBS argues remastered songs qualify for copyright, David Lowery wants details about the NMPA/Spotify settlement and The Shade Room Facebook page goes down.

3 Count: Soundcloudy Future

Soundcloud launches Soundcloud go music streaming service, default judgment issued against 3 BitTorrent sites and study shines light on DMCA issues.

7-in-7: Dance Baby, Dance

Appeals court modifies dancing baby verdict, Oracle sues HP Enterprise and PETA files an appeal in the monkey selfie case.

3 Count: Songwriter Settlement

Spotify and the NMPA reach a settlement over mechanical royalties, 9th Circuit declines to rehear dancing baby case and EU court rules on public wifi piracy.

3 Count: Activating Pirates

Microsoft asks court to order Comcast to hand over pirate, NMPA and Spotify may be near a settlement and Facebook to bring Instant articles to WordPress

3 Count: And Google Too…

Google sued over royalties in Google Play, HBO nixes Game of Thrones screeners ahead of season 6 and VTV loses its YouTube channel over infringement.

7-in-7: Foxy Settlement

Fox News settles lawsuit over 9/11 photograph, FilmON sanctions upheld and both Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am face a lawsuit over Damn Girl.

3 Count: Damn… Girl?

Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am sued over 'Damn Girl', Spotify responds to David Lowery's lawsuit and Australia's site blocking to get its first test.

3 Count: Not PayPals

PayPal cuts ties with a VPN provider, record labels promise to share Spotify windfall with artists and Google Chrome to block fake download sites.