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What to Do When Your Content Appears on a Compromised Site

Anyone who has had their site hacked knows how miserable it is. But imagine if you were also shut down for copyright infringement you didn't commit.

What is Spam in 2013?

With ten years since the CANSPAM act, we need to reevalue what the word spam means and how it's changed in the past decade.

One Year After Panda, Is Your Content Safer?

On February 24th, 2011, Google introduced it's Panda update, supposedly a major blow against content farms and scrapers. How did it work out?

FAQs: The Basics of RSS Scraping

RSS Scraping is a problem nearly every webmaster is going to have to face at some point, here's the basics on what it is and what to do about it.

WordPressDirect Addresses Spam Issue

WordPressDirect, a move that it hopes will placate the concerns many have expressed about the service, is removing auto-posting from free members. But is it enough to calm the angry mob?

Attributor Analyzes TrueAudience

A recent study by content tracking service Attributor has found that, for many publishers, their audience off their site completely dwarfs the pageviews they can count.

2008: Looking Ahead

Considering that my predictions for 2007 fell somewhere between "mixed" and "unmitigated disaster" I am almost loathe to try again. However, in the spirit...

Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

In a pair of previous posts I lauded Google's progress in the war on Spam on its Blogspot service. Though my intuition was confirmed,...

Using .htaccess to Stop Content Theft

Having control over your own server can be a very powerful thing. It enables you to control who can access your site, how they...

Update: Google Responds Regarding Blogspot Spam

Yesterday I received an email from a representative at Google Blogspot. In my inquiry to him, I had asked whether or not Google was...