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Copyright, Plagiarism and Online Dating

While online dating certainly has its share of perils, one of the lesser-known is the copyright and plagiarism hazards that abound when looking for love.

6 Ways Web Spammers Get Content

Spammers have an insatiable thirst for content, but here are six of the more common ways they fill their pages, often with your writing.

What is Spam in 2013?

With ten years since the CANSPAM act, we need to reevalue what the word spam means and how it's changed in the past decade.

Blogger CAPTCHA Cracked

Though it seemed as if Google was starting to make some headway into the spam blog problem on its Blogger service, the spammers seem to have turned the tide by cracking the CAPTCHA system and creating more accounts than ever before.

Picking a Dead Man’s Pocket

If reading this site and enduring the onslaught of content theft, plagiarism and scraping is making you think about packing up and shutting down...

The Most Common Mistake in Plagiarism Fighting

As the issue of plagiarism and content theft draws more and more attention on the web, in particular among bloggers, several Webmasters are posting...

Scraping Starts from the Very First Post

Rachel Radison is a New Orleans-based mortgage broker. After seeing the difficult home-buying climate in the city following Hurricane Katrina, she decided that she...