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3 Count: Jared Letdown

Jared Leto loses lawsuit against TMZ over Taylor Swift video, Uploaded can not ignore 'spam' copyright notices and Nazi anthem at core of YouTube dispute.

The Dangers of Automated Abuse/DMCA Policies

Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr have shown what can happen you put your copyright and abuse policies on autopilot goes very wrong. The answer is users suffer.

Explaining the Chaos on YouTube

YouTube has been awash in controversy as The Fine Brothers overreach on their trademark and YouTube suspends seemingly innocent accounts. What is going on?

The Problem with Ebook Piracy Spam

Ebook piracy is a serious problem, however, more and more authors are getting bit by ebook spam, which makes it look like their book can be easily pirated.

The Rise of Plagiarism Spam

Spam on this site has taken a strange turn, its become about plagiarism checkers. Here's why that's dangerous and what to do about it.

3 Count: Spam Flood

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing begins, Victor Willis of the Village People wins attorneys fees in termination case and Google has a new spam problem.

The DMCA’s Spam Problem

If you go to send a DMCA notice, there's a good chance your notice could get chewed up in spam filters, but the problem may not be the host's fault.

The Rise of YouTube Plagiarism Bots

A tidal wave of spam has been growing on YouTube and it's one that sees your content being automatically turned into videos for spammers.

Guest Post: Bad Bots and the Threat They Pose to Digital...

In a special guest post from the people at Distil, we take a look at some of the worst bots on the Web and how they can harm your site.

How Web Spam is Evolving

Web spam is changing as is how it impacts your site. Here are some of the common trends and what you can do to protect yourself and your work.