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What is Spam in 2013?

With ten years since the CANSPAM act, we need to reevalue what the word spam means and how it's changed in the past decade.

One Year After Panda, Is Your Content Safer?

On February 24th, 2011, Google introduced it's Panda update, supposedly a major blow against content farms and scrapers. How did it work out?

Another Reason to Be Careful With Your Domains

What happens when you let your domain expire? Sometimes it's nothing, but in at least one case it resulted in a duplicate site on his own domain.

CrowdSourcing Spam Blogging?

Want to run a spam blog without the pesky copyright problems or actual work? Here's one idea that probably won't work.

4 WordPress Plugins I Would Love

As an avid WordPress user, there are a few plugins I'd like to see developed to help people protect their content.

6 Steps to Find a Host’s DMCA Contact

Once you've found an infringer and identified their host, the real quest often begins. Finding out who to contact can be the hardest part of all.

Google Accepts Online DMCAs for Blogger

Historically, Google has been a DMCA headache, even as its Blogger service has become overrun with spammers. That may be about to change.

Rise of the Twitter Scrapers

With every new medium comes an attempt to game it, usually using other people's work. Twitter is no exception but it does provide a series of new challenges and questions.

Is Lijit Creating Spam Blogs?

A new service by Lijit has raised eyebrows in the content community. Does their new aggregation service provide a new solution for content licensing or just push the boundaries of what is spam?

The Worst DMCA Response I’ve Seen

I've sent hundreds of takedown notices and seen a wide variety of replies, but Joyent has taken the cake by not just failing to act, but actively defending a potential spam blogger.