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3 Count: Dismissed Empire

Fox and others win lawsuit over 'Empire', Indian firm sued over software license misuse and photographer sues Fox News over immigration image.

3 Count: Kickass Down

Kickass Torrents seized and owner arrested, U.S. Navy accused of large scale software piracy and Justin Timberlake responds to Damn Girl lawsuit.

3 Count: All Apologies

Survivor member sues Mike Huckabee over Eye of the Tiger, Australia site blocking gets a test and Autodesk gets apology as part of a settlement.

3 Count: Bass Drop

Deadmau5 sues former label over unauthorized remixes, Razer splits with Carnage over pirated software controversy and appeal expected in Beyonce case.

The Difference Between Copyright and Patent Protections on Software

As software patents have come under increasing fire, the overlap between copyright and patent is being scrutinized. An expert explains the difference.

Plagiarism is More Than Just Text Problem

With plagiarism, it's often too easy to limit the dialog to just text, but as this piece shows, plagiarism is a problem across many types of work.

3 Count: Making Peace

Amazon and Hachette find common ground, Oracle and SAP also settle their case but the Twilight one is just beginning to heat up.

3 Count: Joking Around

European Court of Justice spells out what parody is, City of London Police make two more arrests and ReDigi founders face personal liability in their case.

3 Count: No Monkey Business

U.S. Copyright Office weighs in on whether animals can hold copyright, RBS settles long-running software lawsuit and Shakira song ruled an infringement.

3 Count: Singing the Copyright Blues

6th Circuit rules in software copyright fight, City of London Police arrest proxy admin and seize his site, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood sing about copyright suit.