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The Rise of YouTube Plagiarism Bots

A tidal wave of spam has been growing on YouTube and it's one that sees your content being automatically turned into videos for spammers.

How Reddit Deals with Plagiarism

A recently-discovered case of plagiarism showcased the role of community in dealing with the problem online. But the case a sign of a new strategy?

Who Are the Biggest Threats to Your Work Online?

When it comes to your content on the Web, who are your biggest threats? Depending on your industry, the answer might not be who you think.

My Flattr Experiment: 30 Days Later

The 30 days have passed and now it's time to reveal how the great Flattr experiment went. The results are, in a word, very mixed.

Digg Does it Again

Digg has once again sparked controversy with its URL shortening service. Only now it has drawn the ire of both Webmasters and users alike.

Is the DiggBar Content Theft?

Digg's latest feature, the DiggBar, has caused a great deal of controversy, including many calling it outright content theft.

Excerpts, Scraping and Fair Use

A recent article on the New York Times site drew the attention of the Web to excerpting and the difficulty defining good vs. bad use. It's a touchy issue with no easy answers.

Review: The Plagiarism Checker

The rebirth of "The Plagiarism Checker" has made waves throughout social news sites and Twitter alike, but is the site worth the attention it has been getting?

A Requiem For Cease & Desist

The cease and desist letter has gone from a dying art to an art that is effectively dead. Why is that, what does it mean and what can be done?

Plagiarism Today on Facebook

After unofficially boycotting the site for several years, I've finally gotten around to creating my Facebook profile as well as a presence for Plagiarism Today.