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3 Count: MS-DONT

European Commission begins work on a European single market for broadcasters, Russia sets to crack down on social media piracy and more!

7-in-7: Foxy Settlement

Fox News settles lawsuit over 9/11 photograph, FilmON sanctions upheld and both Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am face a lawsuit over Damn Girl.

The Impact of Social Media on Plagiarism

Students no longer do most of their writing in the classroom. However, that may be posing some new challenges for teachers when it comes to plagiarism.

WordPress and Press This: Pressing Copyright Boundaries?

As the Press This bookmarklet heads toward a revamp, one of WordPress' most-overlooked tools gets a copyright review.

What Size Should Online Images Be Uploaded to Avoid Theft?

Artists and photographers are always told to not upload high-resolution images to avoid infringement, but what is the best size?

Plagiarism, Copyright and Social Mediaaxdwdxvzvsawcbade

A controversy over attribution of a tweet raises some interesting issues of attribution on Twitter, but still ignores the original creators.

Reddit Bans Plagiarist Site, Exposes Future of Spam

The recent banning of Gaoom by a key subreddit did a lot more than expose a plagiarist site, it exposed the future of spam on the Web.

How Reddit Deals with Plagiarism

A recently-discovered case of plagiarism showcased the role of community in dealing with the problem online. But the case a sign of a new strategy?

Who Are the Biggest Threats to Your Work Online?

When it comes to your content on the Web, who are your biggest threats? Depending on your industry, the answer might not be who you think.

The Great Pinterest Divide: To Opt Out or Not

Pinterest may be a social media darling, but visual artists have begun to raise concerns over copyright, creating a cloud over the service.