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The Rise of Plagiarism Spam

Spam on this site has taken a strange turn, its become about plagiarism checkers. Here's why that's dangerous and what to do about it.

How Web Spam is Evolving

Web spam is changing as is how it impacts your site. Here are some of the common trends and what you can do to protect yourself and your work.

Using Creative Commons to Gain Links, Improve SEO

Companies are beginning to eye Creative Commons not just as a way to share their work, but also to build links. What does that mean for the CC users?

Practical Lessons from the MPAA’s Search Engine Study

The MPAA recently released a study looking at how search engines drive traffic to pirate sites. The findings can be useful to all creators.

Google: We Don’t Penalize Duplicate Images

Google has addressed the role that duplicate images play in its search results, saying that it has no impact at all. What that means for you.

Can Google Authorship Help Fight Plagiarism?

Google Authorship is widely touted as a way to thwart online plagiarism, but just how useful is it?

MailChimp Responds, Fixes Duplicate Content Issue

MailChimp reached out to me to let me know that the duplicate content issue has been fixed. Robots.txt files have been added to the relevant servers.

How MailChimp Hurts Their Customers’ SEO

Email service provider MailChimp is a popular tool for sending out newsletters, but is a feature on the service creating unwanted duplicate content?

PlagSpotter Updates Interface, Improves Service

PlagSpotter claims to have improved its service to fix its weaknesses. How well did it do and is it ready to compete with Copyscape?

6 Steps To Prevent Content Theft – An Update

In 2007 I wrote an article about the 6 steps to prevent content theft, today I update that article with new tips and techniques.