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3 Count: Torrentz Downpour

Torrentz BitTorrent search engine goes offline, Kickasstorrents domain up for sale and designers in the UK get new rights to their work.

3 Count: Primal Rage

Serbian photojournalists protest new legal interpretation, 'uncrackable' DRM coming to more games and new database targets Netflix geoblocking.

3 Count: Cloned Sharks

Grooveshark reemerges, at least in name, Dallas Buyers Club wins legal fees in ISP battle and Twitch announces copyright appeal process.

3 Count: Aereo’s Ending

Record labels sue MP3Skull, estate of Joseph Goebbels sues Random House over diary quotes and Aereo settles its case with broadcasters.

3 Count: Non-Dancing Jesus

Two sentenced to jail time over Dancing Jesus forum, Dallas Buyer Club and iiNet have a day in court and porn companies want Google's help with piracy.

3 Count: Tweet This

New York Times ad sparks Twitter copyright controversy, Georgia politician copyrights video paid for with public funds and Ubuntu to add torrent search.

How to Find Creative Commons Images By Color

TinEye offers a powerful way to search for freely-licensed images by color, but an issue may keep it from being the system every designer dreams of.

3 Count: Mega Silence

Mega shutters a file search engine, Valve sued in Germany over used games and CES drops CNET over Hopper controversy.

3 Count: Triumphant Return

Twitter updates its copyright policy to improve transparency, Superman heads to the appeals court and Google still ranks pirate sites well.

3 Count: UK Today

Microsoft wrongly targets the BBC, 4G causes three strikes questions in the UK and orphan works moves ahead in the EU and UK.