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3 Count: Letting it Go…

Frozen lawsuit is settled, The Purge lawsuit gets to move forward and Starbucks sued over Frappuccino artwork...

3 Count: Aging Bull

MGM tries again to kill the Raging Bull lawsuit, GSU says no to new evidence in ereserves case and artwork on the wall lands Archer in a lawsuit.

3 Count: Private Canadians

Canada privacy legislation could make copyright lawsuits easier, Warner wins lawsuit over The Matrix and VKontakte agrees to block infringing uploads.

3 Count: Aereo’s Day

Aereo has its day before the Supreme Court, Tarantino's case against Gawker temporarily tossed and Megaupload sues Hong Kong over seizure.

3 Count: Contempting Fate

Innocence of Muslims actor claims Google is in contempt over incomplete takedown, Tarantino fires back at Gawker and Lexmark must answer old DMCA claims.

3 Count: He-Man Down

Aereo shuts down in Salt Lake City and Denver, Gawker seeks to be dismissed from Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight lawsuit and Mattel wins case over He-Man.

3 Count: High Voltage

Court rules Voltage Pictures can get BitTorrent user's names, American Gangster lawsuit lives on and Twitter blocks Kickass Torrent links due to safety.

3 Count: Aereo Off

Utah court rules against Aereo, Gawker tells Tarantino that they can't be sued in California and RIAA looks to end Grooveshark dispute once and for all.

3 Count: Troubled Curves

The Trouble with Curves sparks copyright lawsuit over its script, video of baby in the bath becomes a copyright battle and more!

3 Count: Judgment Day

Judge comes down hard on Prenda Law, Dr. Phil sues Gawker over show clip and former G.I. Joe script writers sue Paramount.