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Protecting Your Online Store from Infringement

Online stores produce a great deal of content to sell their wares. More and more though, that content is being copied and used by competitors and spammers alike. Here's how to stop it.

Heading to SXSWi 2016!

I'm headed too SXSWi in March, 2016 to join forces with good friends Katie Sunstrom and Rami Essaid to discuss scraping and the legality of it.

10 Years of PT: 2007 – Turning the Tide on Scraping

2007 was one of the craziest years on Plagiarism Today as the Web turns the tide on scraping and I meet Patrick O'Keefe.

10 Years of PT: 2006 – Scraping and Soaring

2006 was a roller coaster year for me and for Plagiarism Today. However, it was a year where the good things remained and the bad ones faded.

Bad Bots, Your Site and Your Content

Distil has released its annual report on bad bots and it gives some reason to be hopeful and many reasons to be worried about the future of the web.

Guest Post: Bad Bots and the Threat They Pose to Digital...

In a special guest post from the people at Distil, we take a look at some of the worst bots on the Web and how they can harm your site.

How Web Spam is Evolving

Web spam is changing as is how it impacts your site. Here are some of the common trends and what you can do to protect yourself and your work.

Pro-Folio: Scraping Art for Art’s Sake

A recent art site generated controversy by generating portfolios. But while the scraping of images has stirred up the art community,it's not a new practice.

6 Ways Web Spammers Get Content

Spammers have an insatiable thirst for content, but here are six of the more common ways they fill their pages, often with your writing.

What Plagiarists Want: Why Your Content Isn’t Safe

It's easy to wonder why a plagiarist might want to target your work, but the truth is, plagiarists aren't targeting anyone at all...