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3 Count: Useless Articles

US Trade Representative releases Special 301 report, YouTube announced Content ID improvements and there's no Klingon word for copyright...

3 Count: Textual Dealings

Justin Bieber ordered to be deposed in Somebody to Love case, Nikki Sixx and other musicians target YouTube and Textra SMS sends warnings to pirates.

3 Count: Even More E-Reserved

The GSU e-reserves case takes yet another twist, the producers of Ballers want the lawsuit against them dismissed and AdultDVDTalk case dismissed.

My Comments to the Copyright Office on DMCA Safe Harbor

The U.S. Copyright Office recently called for comments on the effectiveness of DMCA safe harbor, for the first time, I chose to share my experience.

Take Down and Stay Down – Rethinking the DMCA

The DMCA safe harbor provisions have few supporters. Rightsholders are asking for a take down stay down system, but how practical is it.

3 Count: Snap This…

Kim Dotcom appeals the seizure of his assets, UK minister says sharing Snapchats is an infringement and adult DVD forum sued for copyright infringement.

Getting DMCA Safe Harbor Right

DMCA Safe Harbor protects websites from infringement by their users, but it's easy to get wrong, as these two sites found out...

3 Count: Unsafe Harbor

Cox ordered to pay BMG $25 million over piracy, US Trade Rep warns Alibaba again and Abbott and Costello heirs have case against play dismissed.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 375 – Judgments and Collections

YouTube offers to help fight false takedown notices, Cox may be on the hook for piracy and Kim Dotcom's extradition hearing wraps up.

3 Count: No Absolution

YouTube offers legal help to those hit with false DMCA notices, Cox told it doesn't enjoy DMCA safe harbor and the Blizzard bot case takes a strange twist.