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Tag: Safe-Harbor

3 Count: Spotty Coverage

Spotify's been operating without a long-term contract from any major label, CloudFlare sued for copyright infringement and Singapore looks at VPNs.

3 Count: Megaupload Denied

Appeals Court rules against Kim Dotcom over seized assets, Dancing Baby case may head to Supreme Court and Sonic comic artist wants royalties.

3 Count: Additional Casualties

EFF sues alleging DMCA anti-circumvention violates First Amendment, Solarmovie shuts down following KAT closure and artists accuse Zara of infringement.

3 Count: Downward Trend

UK study shows streaming up and piracy down, Apple patent may disable cameras in movie theaters and game returns to Steam after fixing copyright issues.

3 Count: Crushing Blow

DOJ declines to revise ASCAP and BMI consent decrees, Blizzard goes to war with Overwatch cheaters and NES takesdown kickstarted book.

3 Count: Clueless 360

Film studios heading toward settlement with musicians guild, musicians ask European Commission for help with YouTube and YouTube360 can be a pirate's friend.

3 Count: IP Freely

Court rules IP address not sufficient evidence, filmmaker sues musician over live production and game removed from Steam over stolen assets.

3 Count: SnapChat Slap

Makers of The Butler join lawsuit over We Shall Overcome, Snapchat hit with plagiarism allegation over lenses and ad featuring Taylor Swift calls for DMCA reform.

Understanding Capitol Records v. Vimeo

What happens with the DMCA collides with pre-1972 sound recordings? A huge copyright mess and a ruling that could impact countless websites.

3 Count: Double Dribble

Supreme Court rules on attorneys fees in copyright lawsuits, 2nd Circuit weighs in on the DMCA with pre-1972 sound recordings and Playboy lawsuit dropped.