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3 Count: Additional Casualties

EFF sues alleging DMCA anti-circumvention violates First Amendment, Solarmovie shuts down following KAT closure and artists accuse Zara of infringement.

3 Count: The Android Oracle

Oracle explains how Google's Java implementation hurt them, OKCupid data leak is shut down with a DMCA notice and Universal appeals VKontakte ruling.

3 Count: TPP Debut

The full text of the TPP is released, researchers unimpressed with Google's anti-piracy efforts and Warner Brother hints at delaying shows on Netflix.

Why Plagiarism Will Never Go Away…

Plagiarism has been a part of our history since the birth of language and, thanks to human nature and the Internet, it's never going away.

Open Access: Easy Access for Plagiarists

As more and more research and student work winds up online, spammers and essay mills are misusing the content. Here's how to stop it.

The Case of the Lionfish and the 12-Year-Old Accused Plagiarist

13-year-old Lauren Arrington went from being a media darling to a media pariah in less than a week, but is the media just tearing down what it created?

3 Count: Dead Lawsuit Walking

Lil Kim sued by makeup artist over single cover, UK Premier League sues pubs for illegal broadcasts and study claims three strikes systems ineffective.

The Most Common and Serious Types of Research Plagiarism

iThenticate released a study looking at the types of plagiarism in research and their relative seriousness and commonness.

The Varying Ethics of Plagiarism

Is ghostwriting a form of plagiarism? What about recycling your content? These aren't easy questions and sometimes the deed itself hardly matters at all.

3 Count: Punctured

One judge blocks mass BitTorrent lawsuit effort, researcher sues over allegedly plagiarized work work and Fox DMCA its own DMCA notice.