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7-in-7: Playboy Links

It's a new week and it's time for another 7-in-7! This is the (hopefully weekly) show where I break down a week's worth of...

3 Count: ReDigi Returnstrwezcbtwxzyedztyy

EU court advised that linking to infringing works is not an infringement, ReDigi moves to appeal its loss over used music and much, much more!

3 Count: Joking Around

European Court of Justice spells out what parody is, City of London Police make two more arrests and ReDigi founders face personal liability in their case.

3 Count: ReDigi DeDon’t

ReDigi loses as judge says reselling MP3s is unlawful, The Hollywood Reporter settles code theft case and YouTube/Viacom continue sparring.

3 Count: ReDigi Debate

U.S. publishers settle their lawsuit with Google over book search, ReDigi gets its day in court and Facebook kills a popular fan page.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Eps 227 – BTJunker

BTJunkie closes down, Redigi avoids an injunction, ACTA ratification on hold in three countries and much, much more!

3 Count: Oracle 2

Oracle seeks second trial against SAP, two more European countries halt ACTA ratification and ReDigi survives another day.

Eps 224 – Going Dark

The Pirate Bay to be blocked in the Netherlands and Finland, SOPA sparks Reddit protest, Capitol Records sues "used" digital music celler and more!

3 Count: Feeling Used

Capitol Records sues used digital music retailer, Righthaven's domain is auctioned off and Microsoft targets a major Chinese electronics distributor.

3 Count: Dig ReDigi

ReDigi ordered to stop selling used iTunes tracks, GEMA targets Creative Commons dance parties and iTunes Music Match goes online.