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3 Count: USCO vs. FCC

U.S. Copyright Office criticizes the FCC's set top box recommendations, Atlantic Records seeks details on song leaker from Reddit and more.

3 Count: Swift Reversalwxwfrtczvxbcxdbzry

Taylor Swift forces Apple to pay free trial royalties, Google to remove revenge porn upon request and Australian Senate passes site blocking bill.

Reddit, CloudFlare and the Hill of Free Speech

Reddit and CloudFlare are both companies that claim to support free speech, but have shown that their policies can shift wildly when challenged.

3 Count: Mine the Vines

Australian parliament proposes new site blocking legislation, DHS, ICE and City of London Police sign MOU and CBS takes down Vine prank.

How and Why Revenge Porn is Shared

Though Reddit and Twitter both have added new revenge porn laws, they are unlikely to help much. Here are some policies that can work.

The Rise of YouTube Plagiarism Bots

A tidal wave of spam has been growing on YouTube and it's one that sees your content being automatically turned into videos for spammers.

Reddit’s Non-Stand Against Revenge Porn

Reddit has announced that it is changing its policy to allow for the removal of involuntary porn images. Here's why that isn't far enough.

Reddit and the Problem with Hands Off Administration

Reddit recently found itself at the center of another content controversy, this time over celebrity nude photos. Is there a better approach?

Reddit Bans Plagiarist Site, Exposes Future of Spam

The recent banning of Gaoom by a key subreddit did a lot more than expose a plagiarist site, it exposed the future of spam on the Web.

How Reddit Deals with Plagiarism

A recently-discovered case of plagiarism showcased the role of community in dealing with the problem online. But the case a sign of a new strategy?