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5 Important Copyright Questions Before U.S. Courts

Copyright is an ever-changing landscape, here are five cases to watch if you're interested in public domain, pre-1972 sound recordings and more!

3 Count: Burning, Man

Ninth Circuit rules art car not a visual work of art under VARA, Russia orders news site blocked over article infringement and more...

Guest Post: How to Obtain Music Performance Rights Licensing

This is a guest post written by Susan Fontaine Godwin at Christian Copyright Solutions. If you would like to submit a guest post to...

5 Christmas Copyright Myths

Like it or not copyright plays an important part in Christmas and, with it, comes a slew of copyright myths that refuse to enjoy a silent night.

3 Count: Homeland Battle

Megaupload accuses U.S. government of flip flopping, Cory Doctorow's latest book mistaken for TV show and Aereo goes on ad offensive.

3 Count: The Supremes

The SCOTUS-related cases, one involving digital downloads as public performances, one involving the public domain and one about Apple clones.