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3 Count: Drive Failure

Apache Harmony founder testifies in Google/Oracle lawsuit, half of Megaupload hard drives are unreadable and Porn.com hit with another lawsuit.

3 Count: RockDizJail

RockDizMusic owner sentenced to three years in prison, Popcorn Time makes partial return and Sky Broadband customers warned of copyright letters.

How Getting Infringed Can Mean Getting Sued

When a photo is infringed, what rights does the model have and what obligations do the photographer have to protect them?

3 Count: Non-Dancing Jesus

Two sentenced to jail time over Dancing Jesus forum, Dallas Buyer Club and iiNet have a day in court and porn companies want Google's help with piracy.

Understanding the Snapchat Leak

The recent leak of 10s of thousands of Snapchat photos have drawn new attention to privacy on the Web. But what will come of it?

Why Revenge Pornography Matters

Revenge pornography is an issue many would like to sweep under the rug, However, it's an important issue of the digital era one that must be addressed.

Heading to SXSWi 2014!

A panel I am on was selected for SXSWi 2014, I'm hoping to see some of you there as we try to make sense of the thorny issue of revenge porn.

How Trademark Law Helped Create “XXX”

The X rating was meant to designate mainstream movies with adult content, but thanks to a trademark move, pornographers were able to use it.

3 Count: Love Lost

Lovelace will release on time after injunction is tossed, Green Day decision upheld on appeal and streaming may become a felony soon in the U.S.

Tor’s Attack and its Impact on Piracy

A recent arrest and attack has sent shockwaves through the Tor community. But what impact will this have on copyright holders, some who have had their works pirated on Tor?