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3 Count: Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheenan sued by Marvin Gaye estate over Thinking Out Loud, $25 million verdict against Cox upheld and Jersey Boys case gets a trial date.

3 Count: Unsafe Harbor

Cox ordered to pay BMG $25 million over piracy, US Trade Rep warns Alibaba again and Abbott and Costello heirs have case against play dismissed.

3 Count: Point… Break…

Point Break parody sparks appeals court ruling, Taylor Swift sued over lyrics to Shake it Off and artist sues Target over cell phone designs.

3 Count: I Don’t Know… Third Base

Cloudflare ordered to stop serving the new Grooveshark, Amazon leaves the MIC coalition and Who's On First becomes the center of a broadway dispute.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 358 – Aereo’s Ending

This week on the Copyright 2.0 Show, we look at the end of the Aereo case and the beginning of a new bill on radio royalties.

3 Count: Three’s Company

Parody play ruled a fair use, Nintendo takes down Super Mario 64 recreation and Copyright Office seeks help overhauling its IT department.

3 Count: Eye of the Survivor

Sylvester Stallone wins Expendables lawsuit, Survivor sues over unpaid royalties and New York playwright sues owners of 'Three's Company' over threats.

3 Count: British Offensive

UK MPs roast Google over anti-piracy efforts, Disney sues theater group over medley performance and Portuguese rightsholders seeks to block The Pirate Bay

3 Count: Algernon’s Flowers

Copyright holders speak before the House Judiciary Committee, UK porn filters may also filter file sharing sites and copyright glitch cancels high school play.

3 Count: Smack Downs

Veoh scores another big win over Universal, another Prenda hearing set playwright questions the copyright status of Zorro.