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PlagiarismDetect: Solid Detection at a High Price

PlagairismDetect claims to have a superior plagiarism detection service, but is it worth the price?

Review: Plagiarism.Pro Falls Short

Plagiarism.Pro provides some unique settings and features for a plagiarism checker, but it slips when trying to perform even the most basic search.

How Often Should You Check for Infringements?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how often should one check for infringements. The answer is easy to find out.

PlagSpotter Updates Interface, Improves Service

PlagSpotter claims to have improved its service to fix its weaknesses. How well did it do and is it ready to compete with Copyscape?

PlagSpotter Review: Copyscape’s New Competition

PlagSpotter has taken aim at Copyscape to be the new major duplicate content/plagiarism detector. Does it hold up to the task?