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Copyright and Metropolis

Metropolis is one of the most iconic films of all time. However, it's copyright history is unique in that it was public domain for 40 years but isn't now.

3 Count: Going to 11uevwwbewtuczbbzawrxf

Harry Shearer sues for copyright termination of This is Spinal Tap, copyright group says Australia need to revise safe harbors and more!

3 Count: Expensive Street

Rimini Street ordered to pay $74 million to Oracle, UK lawmakers warn of unintended consequences and Kenyan photographer accuses Chris Brown of infringement.

3 Count: OWN Battles

Oprah Winfrey networks sued over alleged show theft, Germany museum wins case against wikipedia uploader and MPAA reports or its notorious markets.

3 Count: Who’s on Second

Second Circuit tosses Who's on First lawsuit was well as Made in America lawsuit and telenovela that inspired Jane the Virgin remains in RCTV hands.

Interview with Colorado State Academic Integrity Program

Recently, I got the chance to sit down with two Colorado State University and academic integrity tutors to discuss plagiarism in academia.

3 Count: Not Lovin’ It

Graffiti artist estate sues McDonald's over use of tag, ASU subpoenas GoDaddy for information about domain holder and fake Hamilton merch sparks lawsuit.

Exploring the Gray Area of Plagiarism

While plagiarism's gray areas aren't as large as some claim, they are still an important point to discuss and, if at all possible, avoid.

3 Count: Rounded Hill

Cox wants Round Hill Music to pay $100,000 in legal costs, Pirate Party looks to top Iceland election and Conan O'Brien joke lawsuit expands.

3 Count: FCC Delays

FCC delays vote on set-top boxes, DOJ responds to EFF's lawsuit over DMCA anti-circumvention and SCOTUS declines to hear Santa Claus case.