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Tag: Plagiarism

3 Count: Closed Street

Oracle gets permanent injunction and more damages in Rimini Street case, BMG threatened an ISP and two Reps support FCC's set-top box plan.

3 Count: Appealing Together

The Turtles appeal their loss in Florida to Sirius XM, Skittles photographer claims Donald Trump Jr. didn't have permission to use his image and more!

When Public Domain is Not Public Domain

Imagine being hit with a threat for your own photograph. Now, imagine you had dedicated that image to the public domain. That's what happened to one photog.

3 Count: A Court Divided

Supreme Court may be inclined to take on Dancing Baby case, Macedonian trade group pulls rights to its musicians and more!

3 Copyright Abuses That Harm Creators

While copyright abuse is not as serious of a problem as some would lead you to believe, it is a problem and it's one that harms creators too.

3 Count: Bucked Up

More legal wrangling over the fate of Buck Rogers, Pandora's on-demand streaming service may launch later this year and Apple breaks negotiations with Tidal.

3 Count: Fractional Decision

ASCAP and BMI get big win over DOJ over fractional licensing, Bob Marley's song War at center of dispute and Spotify renegotiating with labels ahead of IPO.

3 Count: High Five Wifi

EU's highest court rules open wifi providers not liable for infringement, Indian court rules photocopied textbooks legal and Torrenthound shutters.

3 Count: EU Proposal

EU proposes copyright reforms that could bite Google and YouTube, content creators hit back against FCC set top proposals and VidAngel is weird...

3 Count: Songwriter Blues

Songwriter organization sues Department of Justice over 100% licensing rules, Beatles concert at Shea Stadium center of lawsuit and Adblock Plus sells ads.