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The Matthew Santoro Plagiarism Scandal

YouTuber Matthew Santoro, famous for his list videos, has been accused of plagiarism in several of his videos. What does this mean for Santoro or YouTube?

3 Count: Android Pirates

Android app pirate pleads guilty to copyright infringement, Beyonce accused of plagiarism in Hold Up music video and Blizzard to meet with server admins.

How Plagiarism Detection Works

Plagiarism detection is a technology that many have grown to take for granted, but how it works is really interesting and a technological marvel.

3 Count: Give Me a S-C-O-T-U-S

Supreme Court will take up case over cheerleader uniforms, GSU wants $3.3 million in attorneys fees and Sega opens doors to both mods and infringements.

3 Count: Comic Conned

Fox says it is skipping San Diego Comic Con over piracy concerns, author claims new King Kong film is based on his work and Jim Sterling fools Content ID.

3 Count: Useless Articles

US Trade Representative releases Special 301 report, YouTube announced Content ID improvements and there's no Klingon word for copyright...

3 Count: White Royal Wedding

Fashion designer sues over dress at royal wedding, Getty Images claims Google Image Search promotes piracy and Goodlatte talks copyright reform.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: The Waltons

The Waltons was never a show to shy away from difficult topics, so when it tackled the issue of plagiarism, it did so with both complexity and humanity.

3 Count: Stairway to Lemonade

Kirtsaeng returns to the Supreme Court, Led Zeppelin plaintiffs severely limited at trial and Beyonce embraces collaboration and songwriter credit.

How the Internet Changed Plagiarism

The Internet has changed our lives in so many ways, it's easy to overlook just how it has changed plagiarism. However, the impact is huge.