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How Plagiarism Detection Works

Plagiarism detection is a technology that many have grown to take for granted, but how it works is really interesting and a technological marvel.

How the Internet Changed Plagiarism

The Internet has changed our lives in so many ways, it's easy to overlook just how it has changed plagiarism. However, the impact is huge.

Turnitin Revamps, Renames its Core Product

Turnitin has relaunched its core product and rebranded it as Turnitin Feedback Studio. What does this mean for Turnitin users and the industry as a whole?

Understanding the Turnitin/Wikipedia Collaboration

Turnitin recently announced a partnership with Wikipedia to help fight copyright violations on the site, here's now their collaboration is working.

5 Reasons Plagiarists Think They Won’t Get Caught

With modern technology, detecting plagiarism is easier than ever. So why do so many people still think they can plagiarize and get away?

New Turnitin Study on the Impact of Plagiarism Detection in Higher...

Turnitin has released a follow up to its study on plagiarism detection in high schools, the results are remarkable both in impact and similarity.

5 Reasons Plagiarism Detection is So Difficult

With so many companies trying to develop their own plagiarism detection tools, here's why it's no easy feat and why it's so easy to create a bad product.

PlagiarismDetect: Solid Detection at a High Price

PlagairismDetect claims to have a superior plagiarism detection service, but is it worth the price?

Comparing Citations to Detect Plagiarism

Researchers have created a prototype system for detecting plagiarism by looking at citations. Here's how and why it works.

Review: Plagiarism.Pro Falls Short

Plagiarism.Pro provides some unique settings and features for a plagiarism checker, but it slips when trying to perform even the most basic search.