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3 Count: Rounded Hill

Cox wants Round Hill Music to pay $100,000 in legal costs, Pirate Party looks to top Iceland election and Conan O'Brien joke lawsuit expands.

3 Count: Panorama Jammer

Effort to restrict freedom of panorama shot down in EU, Pirate Bay founders acquitted in Belgian criminal case and BBC has to stop believing.

3 Count: LiveJournal’s Alive?

LiveJournal at the center of a DMCA Safe Harbor appeal, right to panorama in jeopardy in many EU countries and Apple Music wins over indie labels.

3 Count: Front Page

The Sunday Times uses the DMCA against a critic, Pirate Party report accepted by EU Parliament committee and FastPassTV admit pleads guilty.

3 Count: Australian Blockade

Australia moves one step closer to site blocking, Greek Pirate Party adopts a BitTorrent tracker and The Guardian removes critic's video.

3 Count: Family Matters

U.S. govt targets Kim Dotcom's wife, film student accused of trying to pirate a film with a 3D cam and Pirate Party rep to draft new EU copyright law.

3 Count: Renewed and Revived

Torrentz.eu has domain restored after seizure, Harper Lee renews lawsuit against Mockingbird museum and Pirate Party loses ground in EU elections.

3 Count: Not So Wonderful Life

Paramount threatens to block planned It's a Wonderful Life sequel, Automattic sues two over false DMCA notices and Pirate Party gets observer status at WTO.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 281 – Risk Campions

House Judiciary Committee to review U.S. copyright law, Craigslist wins early round against PadMapper and Pirate Party wins big in Iceland.

3 Count: Icelandic Election

The Pirate Party gets into Iceland's Parliament, Tyler Perry accused of ripping off a movie script and indie developers try a new approach to DRM.