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Tag: piracy

3 Count: Drive Failure

Apache Harmony founder testifies in Google/Oracle lawsuit, half of Megaupload hard drives are unreadable and Porn.com hit with another lawsuit.

3 Count: Brankruptcy Ahoy

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant both to be at Led Zeppelin trial, music industry delays site blocking battle in Australia and Rightscorp is looking very rough.

3 Count: The Android Oracle

Oracle explains how Google's Java implementation hurt them, OKCupid data leak is shut down with a DMCA notice and Universal appeals VKontakte ruling.

3 Count: Coming to a Radiohead

Cartoonist's family decries Radiohead music video, UK Intellectual Property Office talks to Facebook and Google and piracy leads to hunger strike in India.

3 Count: Klinging On

Judge refuses to dismiss the Axanar lawsuit, Led Zeppelin's attorneys want to re-depose expert witnesses and study shows site blocking reduces piracy.

3 Count: Seated Jury

Google and Oracle pick jury for upcoming trial, UK announces IP plans for the next four years and elevator music becomes a hot commodity.

3 Count: Billion Dollar Battle

Google and Oracle set for round 2 in Java API case, Aussie ISPs don't want to pay costs for site blocking and Rolling Stones send a message to Donald Trump.

3 Count: Science Fact, Single Feature

Sci-Hub loses another domain to Elsevier's efforts, porn studio sues owner of Porn.com and Moneyweb loses its lawsuit against competitor Fin24.

3 Count: Android Pirates

Android app pirate pleads guilty to copyright infringement, Beyonce accused of plagiarism in Hold Up music video and Blizzard to meet with server admins.

3 Count: Comic Conned

Fox says it is skipping San Diego Comic Con over piracy concerns, author claims new King Kong film is based on his work and Jim Sterling fools Content ID.