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3 Count: White Royal Wedding

Fashion designer sues over dress at royal wedding, Getty Images claims Google Image Search promotes piracy and Goodlatte talks copyright reform.

3 Count: Even More E-Reservedvqqvaustftdbrztqwsxeadvxwywscbyu

The GSU e-reserves case takes yet another twist, the producers of Ballers want the lawsuit against them dismissed and AdultDVDTalk case dismissed.

3 Count: New York Whines

New York Times sues publisher of critical book, Serbian photographers celebrate legislative victory and MP3Tunes founder accused of hiding assets.

Does Facebook Really Own Your Photos?

A Facebook rep recently told a user that they owned all photos uploaded to it. While the statement is false, the fact it was said is a problem.

Can You Revoke a Creative Commons License?

The recent backlash against Flickr over its sale of Creative Commons photos has sparked an interest in changing and revoking CC licenses.

Hands on With Getty Images Stream

Getty Images recently launched Getty Images Stream, an app for finding, viewing and embedding their photos. But is it worthwhile?

3 Count: Long Road

Oracle says Rimini Street hasn't changed its ways, Getty says it has changed it tactics and Voltage Pictures wants to target Australian pirates.

3 Count: OK Google…

Hundreds of thousands of SnapChat photos leaked online, Google asks Supreme Court to look at Oracle case and UK report looks at copyright education.

3 Count: Poisoned Brand

Kim Dotcom's Internet Party loses big in New Zealand elections, Getty and Microsoft go into mediation in their lawsuit and Jamie Foxx sued over his single.

3 Count: Public Domain Cats

Aereo makes its case as to stay alive, Aussie ISPs say they're willing to punish pirates and block sites, millions of public domain photos now on Flickr.