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3 Count: Which Witcher?

Publisher behind We Shall Overcome responds to lawsuit, photographers team up to target news sites and Witcher 3 devs talk about piracy.

3 Count: Primal Rage

Serbian photojournalists protest new legal interpretation, 'uncrackable' DRM coming to more games and new database targets Netflix geoblocking.

A Facebook Engineer and His Photo Theft Tutorial

A 2-year-old tutorial about removing watermarks has caught the eye of the photography community, both because of its content and the author's employer.

Copyright, Plagiarism and Online Dating

While online dating certainly has its share of perils, one of the lesser-known is the copyright and plagiarism hazards that abound when looking for love.

The Challenge Faced by Photographers

Photographers face a unique challenge among content creators are their works face not only unprecedented sharing, but also a loss of identity.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 261 – Indieconf Ahoy!

AutoHop lives to hop another day, Google declines to takedown controversial YouTube video and UK orphan works bill draws US ire.

3 Count: Call Me Never

Canadian photogs now own all of their images, interest high in anonymizing services for Bittorrent users and Carly Rae Jepsen accused of plagiarism.

With Copyright, Every Content Creator is Different

Many commentators want to paint copyright and the solutions to copyright challenges in broad strokes. Here's why that is a mistake.

7 Practical Copyright Tips for Professional Photographers

Professional and semi-professional photographers have a very difficult copyright climate before them. Here are six tips for dealing with it.

ASMP Supports Orphan Works Bill

The prospects for the orphan works legislation improve as a major artist trade group, the ASMP, throws their support behind the current version, calling it the best that artists are likely to get.