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3 Count: Passing the Buck… Rogers

Buck Rogers film suffers setback after judge refuses to rule on copyright status, PIPCU makes arrests over set-top boxes and Donald Trump sued over photo.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 379 – Happiest Birthday

Welcome everyone we are back and with another episode of the Copyright 2.0 Show! There's a bit of housekeeping with this one. This one covers...

3 Count: Appealing Monkey

PETA appeals loss in selfie monkey case, Nigerian musician sued by photographer and Netflix jumps into the Google DMCA game.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 378 – Supreme Redux

Welcome to another edition of the Copyright 2.0 Show! Before we begin, a bit of a programming note. Due to conflicting schedules that make recording...

3 Count: Grumpy Lawsuit

RIAA secures $17 million judgment against Grooveshark clone, Jeff Koons again sued for copyright infringement and Grumpy Cat is grumpy.

3 Count: Tongue Kissed

Raanan Katz loses bid to block photo of himself, Ben Carson's goes after CafePress over fake merch and MPA reports 500 site blocking incidents in EU.

3 Count: Miss(ing) Cleo

T-Mobile declines to block The Pirate Bay in Austria, The Game sued over cover art and Miss Cleo is back and at the center of a copyright lawsuit.

3 Count: All Rap Edition

In this all-rap edition of the 3 Count, Snoop Dogg sued over unauthorized sequel, Jay-Z and Timbaland to testify in sampling case and Rick Ross wants photog lawsuit tossed.

3 Count: Copied Bean

Oracle amends its lawsuit against Google, artist behind Chicago bean accuses Chinese town of plagiarism and one artist turns infringement into charity.

3 Count: Damage Shuffle

Judge denies new trial, shuffles damages in Blurred Lines case, Kendrick Lamar sued over use of a photo and new education campaign launched in the UK.