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7 in 7: Superman Super-Done!

Superman to stay with Warner Brothers and DC Comics, Fox and Dish settle their tiff over Autohop and five other big copyright stories for the week.

3 Count: Not PayPals

PayPal cuts ties with a VPN provider, record labels promise to share Spotify windfall with artists and Google Chrome to block fake download sites.

3 Count: Mega Cancel

Some cry foul over Spotify's new lyrics feature, Mega loses its payment processor and new music to be released on Fridays under new plan.

3 Count: Unsettled Issues

Songwriter files lawsuit against music licensing service, PayPal cuts off and freezes assets of iPredator and Let it Be opens despite copyright controversy.

3 Count: Google Attack

Google rumored to be targeting the finances of pirate sites, Italian man fined millions over file sharing sites and 3D printing raises new copyright questions.

Stopping Piracy by Following the Money Trail…

Copyright holders, frustrated by what they see as ineffective tools for approaching piracy, are turning to attacking the money stream to get sites shut down.

3 Count: Making Peace

Google and Belgian newspapers make peace, NZBMatrix shuts down after a mammoth DMCA notice and who are the people behind spam photos?

Eps 203 – Death Watch

The latest on PayPal's efforts to cut off pirates, Pawlenty accused of copyright infringement and Grooveshark sued again.

3 Count: Red Light

The latest news on the proposed "Red Light" system for search results, PayPay shutting down payments to pirates and a UK plagiarism accusation.

3 Count: Ad-Free Version

The latest on the Pharmatext case, Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer in YouTube controversy and porn company sues Hotfile.