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3 Count: Beaming Away

CBS and Paramount may soon drop Axanar lawsuit, Australia shelves three strikes for the time being and Disney is heading to Netflix.

3 Count: Klinging On

Judge refuses to dismiss the Axanar lawsuit, Led Zeppelin's attorneys want to re-depose expert witnesses and study shows site blocking reduces piracy.

3 Count: That’s Billion, with a B

Oracle seeks $9.3 billion in damages from Google, Axanar's producers claim you can't copyright Vulcans and free limited Internet leads to piracy in Angola.

7-in-7: Dance Baby, Dance

Appeals court modifies dancing baby verdict, Oracle sues HP Enterprise and PETA files an appeal in the monkey selfie case.

3 Count: Technobabble Litigation

CBS and Paramount respond to request for specifics in Axanar case, judge in Blurred Lines case reluctant to give attorney fees and more...

How Money and Fame Have Changed Fan Fiction

The lawsuit over Axanar and the Power/Rangers video are both examples of fan creations clashing with original creators. A trend that will only grow.

3 Count: To Boldly Sue…

CBS and Paramount sue over crowdfunded fan film, Quentin Tarantino sued over Django Unchained and Google to change Java API in Android.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 361 – Blurred Amendment

Universal warns judge not to violate the seventh amendment in Blurred Lines Case, Inglewood sues YouTube critic and other copyright news!

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 308 – Beasting Out

Beastie Boys, Google and Warner Brothers all win big disputes while FilmOn X and Automattic file new ones of their own.

3 Count: Not So Wonderful Life

Paramount threatens to block planned It's a Wonderful Life sequel, Automattic sues two over false DMCA notices and Pirate Party gets observer status at WTO.